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new friend!

new friend!
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i have one!

my new friend's name is clarence! he is a 2.2ghz white macbook! he is great! i am typing this from his very torso.

i had originally set out to purchase the black macbook, but upon arrival at the store--the cube-- i realized i was unimpressed with how they looked in comparison to the white ones, and a nice young gentleman who worked there--one who i either exasperated or bewitched (or some combination thereof) with all my indecisions and mind-changings and nonsequitors--said that there was no reason i needed a black one, especially since i was also purchasing a 350gb external hard drive.

i was a little dismayed to get another white computer (NOT THAT I AM NOT THRILLED WITH CLARENCE), because murray2 is/was white and i wanted more of a contrast. that is when the nice young gentleman taught me about disguises. he brought me over to the laptop bag section and showed me the most wonderous things! translucent snap-on hard cases that make your macbook different colors! here is clarence IN DISGUISE, from the front and from a folded position:


i named my external hard drive sebastian.

today is a fine day for technology at the love on lorimer.

the end.
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