sodium laura sulfate (mip) wrote,
sodium laura sulfate

what a weekend

things happened. callo bradlo came! we had ethiopian food and a shoe time and a dress time and a breakfast time and a searching for change time and a curling time and a party time (the grand ureter christmas party), at which there may have been tood kissing times and mistletoe times. we also sang many songs and i lost my pointy black shoes. pictures can be found: aqui.

the best part of the weekend, though, was when we recorded songs as our far-flung band, metallico. please friend us on myspace!! we have two songs:

jay barnes ( a mean song)

we have friends (we are nice) (a nice song)

last night, c.brdlo and i had dinner and mulled wine with hobe, and we invented a very world-weary city cat, and we all went back to the love on lorimer and wrote so many more songs that we did not record. they were all mini and funny.

then callo bradlo accidentally took my keys to colorado, but they are being fedexed back to me. today was writing group, and after writing group was hummusdinner, and at hummus dinner, we invented something way worse than bedbugs: bedhapsburgs. i leave you with that.
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